10 - 18 YO


A pretty limited-edition series in waffle fabric

Last season, you really appreciated our limited-edition, pretty, very comfortable, waffle fabric in blue, yellow and red colors. We wanted to introduce you a new color to add in our Miska Palette : WAFFLE LIME ! Discover more styles added to this collection.

An eco friendly luxury material !

To create your swimsuits, we have chosen a revolutionary fabric enriched with exceptional qualities- made from 100% natural plant-based fibre, ultra-stretchy, and comfortable. Their quick-drying and anti-UV properties make them your holiday’s essential ally.



No need to hesitate, our swimwear collection suits all tastes!
Just for you, and since you've been asking from the start, our two-piece swimsuits are all sold separately by size, color and shape to create your own look!


Sustainable Swimwear for Girls & Teens !

If you are looking for swimsuits for young girls or teenagers, Miska Paris takes you on a colorful and joyful universe combining comfortable and eco-responsible material to accompany your teenager during their adventures at the beach or at the swimming pool.

Our brand of swimwear offers timeless and fashionable cuts. Their lines are sober and refined to suit teenagers and young girls. Available in different models: one-piece and 2-piece or even as a t-shirt for sports activities such as surfing, bodyboarding or other water activities. The shapes are suitable for all teenage body shapes, as they are perfectly cut and available in different sizes ranging from 10 to 18 years old. Made from a high-end and eco-responsible material that is made in Italy, our Miska swimsuits are pleasant to wear, very soft on the skin and dry quickly. Likewise, our fabric has UPF50+ sun protection so that children can enjoy the joys of swimming and the sun while protecting their skin from the negative effects of UV rays.

Our collection of swimwear for teens , girls and children consists of timeless creations that are easy to wear at any age. The cuts and styles vary according to the models, some are more sporty. Thus, this allows each young girl or girl to find her happiness.

Take advantage of a nice assortment of colors for our swimsuits (Purple, Blue, Orange, Green, Khaki, Pink, Yellow, Red) that you can match or mix by doing " mix & match ". Thus, a shorty can be married with a mini-triangle at the top; a bikini with a bralette; high-waisted bottoms with a zipped bra on the front... Everything is possible with our 2 pieces to give free rein to your teenager's desires and styles!

For the manufacture of our swimsuits, we have chosen an innovative material that respects the environment. Coming from Italy, it is made of a polyamide fiber entirely of vegetable origin. A bio-sourced fiber, which is in line with our values, in our vision of swimwear fashion. Ultra stretch, it is light and very soft on the skin. Of very good quality, it is characterized by its comfort, its resistance and its UPF50+ sun protection.

So if you want an eco-responsible swimsuit, don't wait any longer to discover our creations for children, girls and teenagers!