Are you looking for a new teenage one-piece swimsuit? In this article, we help you choose the right jersey for you. To guide you, we articulate our guide through the 5 rules that allow you to effectively choose a 1-piece swimsuit. 

Rule number 1: choose a teenage one-piece swimsuit that you really like

The title of this rule number 1 may seem obvious, but in reality we know that when we are teenagers, and even adults, we are sometimes influenced in our choices.

And even if some advice is useful, others can encourage us to make a choice that we will later regret.

If you choose a swimsuit that you don't really like, you may never want to wear it or feel uncomfortable when you put it on.

Whether it's your mom or your girlfriends, listen to their advice, but listen first your tastes . If someone tells you that a particular color looks better on you, but you don't like that color and you can't see yourself wearing a teen girl swimsuit of this color, so choose a color that you like more. Ditto for the patterns and for the design of the swimsuit.

Above all, do not rush in your choice. Take the time to take a good look at everything that is being done. Thus, you will have a maximum of data to make the right choice of teenage one-piece swimsuit.

Rule number 2: choose a teenage one-piece swimsuit with which you are comfortable with your body

We all have things that we would like to change and improve in our body. The most important thing is to be proud of her body , to fully assume her imperfections and assets, and to be comfortable in your own skin .

As such, the swimsuit reveals parts usually hidden when we are dressed. So if you do not assume certain curves or certain imperfections, you might as well choose a swimsuit that will hide them.

Of course, you shouldn't waste your time paying attention to what others may think, especially since in general we are always more severe with ourselves than others are with us.

However, when you're a teenager, looks matter a lot and you're much more susceptible, so don't force yourself to wear a swimsuit you're not comfortable with. 

In this sense, the 1-piece swimsuit is more suitable than a bikini. For example, it allows you to hide a slightly round belly or breasts that seem too big to you.

Rule number 3: Choose a comfortable teenage one-piece swimsuit

Whether you buy a swimsuit for the beach, the leisure pool or sports, make sure it is comfortable and pleasant to wear, especially since we tend to wear a swimsuit for several hours in a row.

Comfort depends on several elements. First, the teenage girl's one-piece swimsuit must be the right size .

Choose the same size as your lingerie items. It shouldn't squeeze you at the hips and lower buttocks or crush your chest too much.

As such, the material plays a role in comfort. Choose a relatively elastic material which will marry your body and your shapes, without crushing them.

Note that at Miska Paris, our collection consists of ultra-stretch teenage swimsuits that adapt perfectly to different morphologies while ensuring good support.

But it is not only necessary to take into account the elasticity of the material, but also its solidity .

To prevent the teenager's swimsuit from tearing at the slightest snagging, choose a model designed in a material that is both elastic and resistant. 

Without forgetting its resistance to the sun . Indeed, many entry-level swimsuits tend to fade and lose their original color due to UV rays. To avoid this unsightly effect, all our teenage girls' swimsuits are designed in an anti-UV UPF50 fabric . Our jerseys thus retain their original color, even after several years of use.

In addition, to avoid the unpleasant sensation of a wet one-piece swimsuit, the material we use is designed to dry very quickly .

Also note that our swimsuits are designed in an Italian material using a polyamide fiber 100% natural and organic sourced .

Rule number 4: choose a teenage one-piece swimsuit suitable for the activity

We recommend having at least two swimsuits:

  • 1 for sports and school activities
  • 1 for leisure

For the school or swim club, a sports swimsuit more suitable. You can find them in most major sports stores.

On the other hand, for leisure, you can opt for a more design model that you like more.

Rule number 5: choose a beautiful and elegant teenage one-piece swimsuit

Certainly, before choosing a swimsuit 1 because it is fashionable, it should be chosen taking into account the other rules listed so far. However, we cannot overlook the influence that fashion and current trends generally have on our clothing choices.

A teenage fashion one-piece swimsuit depends on the colors and patterns of the moment, and of its design . 

THE bright colors have the advantage of being more modern and adapting to all skin tones.

Similarly, patterns tend to give way to monochrome colors simpler and more timeless. However, some patterns remain relevant such as polka dots, or small flowers. Avoid large prints . 

Some patterns also allow you to change the appearance of the body. Thus, vertical stripes refine, while horizontal stripes give volume.

The level of design , the difference between one-piece swimsuits essentially comes down to the more or less low-cut or covering bottom, and the more or less open top and the way it is held.

There really isn't one style that stands out among the others among the trends. It's up to you to make your choice according to your preferences and according to the design that suits you best.

Our collection of teen 1 piece swimsuits consists only of models in bright colors and monochromatic.

You will find a model with a classic design with thin straps and a bare crossover back, but also a teenage one-piece swimsuit inspired by diving and surfing outfits with a closed top with a zip at the front that ends in short sleeves. 

January 25, 2023 — JANESSANDRE MELLAC