If choosing a swimsuit for a young child is relatively simple, choosing a teen girl swimsuit is more delicate.

In adolescence, character asserts itself and the child begins to want to make his own decisions, especially when it comes to buying clothes. Here are some tips for choosing the right teen swimsuit for your daughter.

A teen girl's swimsuit for which activity?

Depending on the type of activity, it is advisable to opt for a suitable swimsuit. For the swimming lessons at school or if your daughter is part of a swimming club , the choice will not be the same as a swimsuit for the beach . 

For sport and school, a model a play is often more appropriate. Then prefer a solid and rather neutral color like black or navy blue.

For the beach or the leisure pool, you can turn to a teen bikini and more generally towards a more “aesthetic” teenage swimsuit. 

Girls' one-piece or two-piece swimsuit

One-piece teenage swimsuit

It is recommended for sports and school activities, but it can also be worn for the beach and recreational swimming. 

There are very pretty one-piece swimsuits. For a teenager, a model with bare back is perfect, because it stands out with the sometimes too classic side of the one-piece swimsuit.

THE patterns and color will also bring a younger and more fashionable touch than a plain model. Be careful, however, to choose patterns that do not have too much "little girl" connotations.

The one-piece swimsuit is perfect for girls who want hide their curves . At Miska Paris, 3 choices of one-piece swimsuits are available to you: Basic , Scuba And Smoky Pink Basic .

The teen bikini

The bikini is clearly the swimsuit favored by teenage girls . Timeless and comfortable, the bikini is also more appropriate for the tanning .

The choice is even greater than one-piece swimsuits . There are many different styles and different shapes of tops (bandeau, triangle, push-up, with or without boning, neckline…) and down (enveloping, indented, shorty…).

The teen girl bikini also has the advantage of being able to be worn mismatched , that is to say to wear a top and a swimsuit not from the same collection. Come and discover our collection of bikini tops and bottoms that you can mix and match using our Mix&Match tool.

On the other hand, if your teenager has a tendency to complex about his body, the bikini is not the ideal solution.

The teenage tankini

The tankini is also a teen girl swimsuit two pieces, except the top consists of a tank top bralette . It is observed more and more on the beaches.

It has the advantage of being elegant, easier to wear, hiding belly fat and better protecting sensitive skin from the sun.

Alternatively, you can opt for a long-sleeved zip-up t-shirt like our Mika Rashie model designed for use outside and in the water.

What color and what patterns to choose for a teenage swimsuit?

To appeal to a teenager, the bikini should preferably be in keeping with the fashion of the moment. Better follow the colors and patterns of the season , as teens tend to want to follow conformity rather than stand out.

Nevertheless, there are rather timeless colors like black and navy blue. Currently, the tendency is rather to red, green, blue, black and yellow, but on lively and modern .

Avoid colors that are too flashy. Discover our collection of teenage swimsuits and our luxury swimwear in bright colors both design, modern and elegant.

Reasons are not required. A pretty plain teenager's swimsuit is enough, and you can even opt for a top and a bottom of a different color. However, if you are looking for a jersey with patterns, prefer discreet and fine prints like vertical stripes.

Is the brand important for a teenage swimsuit?

Clearly, for a swimsuit, the brand is much less important than for other clothing. However, some brands can be badly perceived by girls games. In particular, avoid brands that are too visible and those that can reflect a cheap, childish image, etc. 

The easiest way is to choose a brand whose logo is discreet. At Miska Paris we have chosen a discreet logo and inscribed tone on tone on each teenage swimsuit.

Choose a comfortable swimsuit and the right size

Your daughter must be comfortable in her bathing suit. It should neither be too tight nor too wide. As such, be aware that there are jerseys equipped with adjustable straps . 

More generally, your choice must take into account the morphology of your teenager. Depending on the silhouette, certain forms of swimsuits are more suitable. Naturally, the further into adolescence she goes, the more a girl will pay attention to your physique and will want a teen girl's swimsuit that highlights her. 

Nevertheless, elegance and sobriety the rules remain for choosing a swimsuit like any other garment.

No need to choose a push-up top for a teenager who already has a large chest. Ditto for the plunging neckline to choose only for small breasts.

Our swimsuits are ultra-stretch , that is to say that they benefit from very good elasticity to perfectly fit the silhouette of your teenager and thus give him maximum comfort without the feeling of a swimsuit that is too tight.

Listening to your teenager

A teenager likes to choose her own clothes, especially from 13-14 years old. No need to try to force his tastes. You don't choose a swimsuit for yourself, but for her. Of course, you shouldn't give in to all her whims either (she'll thank you later), but try to listen to her while advising her.

The interest is to ensure that it is she who chooses her girl's swimsuit , while gently orienting it if it's headed for a style that really doesn't suit you. But it is quite possible that she naturally asks for your advice. 

Prioritize quality

Certainly, the swimsuit is not a garment that we wear every day all year round, nevertheless, and more particularly during the summer season, the swimsuit is sometimes our second skin. 

At this season, all day it will suffer the effects of the sun and chlorinated water in the case of a swimming pool, or salty in the case of the sea.

A poor quality swimsuit is likely to quickly lose its original color to a paler, uneven shade. In addition, it will be more fragile and your teenager may tear it more easily.

Our collection consists of teenage swimsuits designed in a material anti-UV UPF50 , ultra stretch, second skin, particularly resistant and which dries quickly .

And we also made the choice eco-responsibility since it is a matter integrating a 100% natural and bio-sourced polyamide fiber . 

January 25, 2023 — JANESSANDRE MELLAC