When the good weather arrives, it's often the time to take out the swimsuit or at least to glimpse its purchase. For some it is just a simple bathing accessory, but for others, the swimsuit is also a fashion accessory like any other item of clothing. For the latter, the choice of a luxury swimsuit is an opportunity to reconcile fashion and bathing accessories.

This guide focuses on luxury swimwear for teenage girls by addressing the different criteria that come into play when choosing this must-have for the summer season. 

Why choose a luxury swimsuit?

As with any clothing accessory, and more broadly like any product, the swimwear market is divided into various quality ranges and various collections. One can seek only the best price, to the detriment of quality.

The latter is expressed through the resistance of the jersey to collisions, but also to UV rays from the sun, its elasticity and comfort, as well as its design. 

The difference between a low-end swimsuit and a luxury swimsuit is immediately visible and amplified when trying on. In short, it is up to each individual to determine the weight they give to price and quality. But be aware that an entry-level swimsuit rarely lasts more than one season .

In addition, other questions may arise at the time of choice. Thus, the quality also lies in the materials used, their origin and the ecological footprint necessary to manufacture the swimsuit .

With a luxury swimsuit, you have access to a greater choice of models qualified as eco-friendly, that is to say more responsible with regard to the environment, but also more responsible towards the working conditions of the workers who designed the swimsuit . 

Luxury one-piece or two-piece swimsuit?

Luxury swimwear can be divided into one-piece collections and two-piece swimsuits. However, whether for one-piece or for bikinis , there is a very wide variety of models.

One-piece swimsuit for whom?

First , the one-piece swimsuit is essential for teenage girls who practice swimming . Indeed, in swimming pools, the one-piece model is often preferred, even mandatory, in particular because it allows better performance.

However, for the leisure pool, the girl swimsuit a piece is less essential. Ditto for the beach where many teenage girls prefer the bikini. However, if the one-piece swimsuit was once out of fashion and shunned by young girls, this is no longer the case. It must be said that we now find very pretty models, especially on the side of luxury swimsuits. 

The one-piece is also very practical for teenage girls who want to hide their curves.

Two-piece swimsuit for whom?

For the leisure pool and for the beach, the two-piece swimsuit remains the preferred choice of teenagers. It allows to enhance the body better and is also more comfortable , although some will prefer the support and warmth of the one-piece model. 

The other advantage of the two-piece is to be able mix styles between top and bottom to compose a more original model. 

And for those who want to hide a slightly round belly without opting for the luxury one-piece swimsuit , the tankini is a very good alternative . Remember that this is a two-piece model whose top is made up of a tank top. 

What morphology?

The choice of a luxury swimsuit must be made according to the morphology of the teenager. Indeed, depending on the silhouette, some models are more suitable than others.

There are 5 morphology profiles:

  • A: hips wider than shoulders
  • V: shoulders wider than hips
  • H: shoulders and hips of the same width, and not very marked waist
  • X: shoulders and hips of the same width, and marked size
  • O: shoulders, hips and round belly

Generally to refine the hips, we add material opting for example for a high-waisted panty. Conversely, we will opt for a low-waisted brief or possibly a shorty if we want to give volume to the hips.

For breasts, there are push-up bras to create volume . The scarf top is also a suitable solution for small breasts. In order to To hide a large chest, the trick is to choose a bandeau bra , and to highlight it without overdoing it, the wrap top is perfect, as is the triangle bra.

Regarding the luxury one-piece swimsuit, it is suitable for all body types, except for teenagers who have a "V" silhouette for whom the one-piece model tends to accentuate the width of the shoulders. 

Quality, comfort and aesthetics of luxury swimsuits for teenagers

To choose a luxury swimsuit, quality is necessarily an essential criterion, even if by definition a top-of-the-range swimsuit is synonymous with quality. 

The quality of a swimsuit is measured by several elements:

  • Materials used for manufacturing
  • Build quality and stitching
  • Tear resistance
  • Resistances against UV
  • Elasticity
  • Comfort
  • Eco-responsible design
  • Country of origin and working conditions

Comfort is also an essential criterion. First, of course, you have to choose a luxury swimsuit in the right size .

As such, the size of a swimsuit is the same as the size of underwear. Then the comfort is largely based on the quality and more particularly on the softness of the material and its elasticity .

Comfort also depends on the type of jersey and its compatibility with the forms of the teenager. In fact, depending on her shape, a girl will be more comfortable with a bikini with a triangle top, a one-piece model, high-waisted briefs... The best way to ensure the comfort of a swimsuit and to choose a bikini with the right briefs and the right bra, is to try it .

Another important criterion in choosing a luxury swimsuit: its aesthetics. The shape, the finishes, the colors, the patterns, all these elements contribute to the design. Whether it's a 10 year old girl swimsuit Or 12-year-old girl's swimsuit , the Miska Paris collection will give you the embarrassment of choice.

The choice is above all a matter of taste . But teenage girls also take fashion into account by favoring the styles of the moment. And for those who want a timeless luxury swimsuit that they can wear for several seasons, the black swimsuit remains a reference.

Where to buy a luxury swimsuit for teenagers?

Except in the big cities, shops specializing in luxury swimwear are not found in the streets. And if you don't feel like driving just to buy a swimsuit, shopping online is still the best alternative.

Online stores offer a greater choice, all sizes and often more attractive prices. And if you still have reservations because, rightly, you like to try on clothes before buying them, the trick is to try on a model of the brand in a physical store and make your purchase online.

Otherwise, be aware that online shops always offer a period of at least 14 days to return the product in case of dissatisfaction .

The Miska Paris brand offers you a very beautiful collection of luxury swimsuits for girls . Our range consists of quality one-piece and two-piece models, in a material anti-UV, ultra-stretch and eco-friendly .

January 25, 2023 — JANESSANDRE MELLAC