Every year, in anticipation of the looming summer, the delicate choice of a girl's swimsuit is one of the existential questions for all teenage girls and girls.

For your child, the task comes down to finding a swimsuit that will be unanimous with friends, a fashionable model, but which stands out to avoid having the same as one of his friends.

At Miska Paris, we are at your service to help you in this not impossible mission. We have gathered the 5 criteria not to be missed when choosing a girl's swimsuit.

Choose according to your silhouette

The girls do not all have the same morphology. Width of the shoulders, chest, hips, stomach, buttocks, all these elements help to describe the silhouette of a girl. And to choose a girl's swimsuit, the silhouette is an essential criterion well beyond the price of the one-piece or two-piece.

“A” morphology

This type of silhouette is defined by rather thin shoulders, while the hips are wider . For this type of morphology, we recommend a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini consisting of a bra-type top and high-waisted swimming trunks, or a tankini with shorts.

"H" morphology

It brings together girls who have a rectilinear silhouette . A scarf top accompanied by low-waisted panties or shorties is perfect for this type of silhouette. Otherwise, a one-piece swimsuit is also suitable.

“X” morphology

Your daughter's shoulders and hips are the same width, but the waist is relatively thin and marked . With this type of silhouette, all girls' swimsuits are suitable (our file on how to choose your teen swimsuit ). 

"O" morphology

Silhouettes that do not assume their curves can turn to a tankini consisting of a tank top and shorts, or a one-piece swimsuit. Playing with prints is also a trick to refine the silhouette. 

"V" morphology

A girlish silhouette that is characterized by fairly broad shoulders in relation to the hips which is very common among sportswomen. A bikini consisting of a triangle top and cuffed bottoms is perfect. Note that the one-piece swimsuit is rather not recommended for this type of silhouette, because it tends to accentuate the width of the shoulders.

The style of the girl's swimsuit

Of course, style matters a lot when choosing a girl's swimsuit. Its design, its color, its patterns, are all arguments that will tip the balance. The more your daughter is in adolescence, the more importance she will give to this criterion.

From year to year, the fashionable style can change according to the collections. Choosing a fashionable swimsuit is sure to avoid bad taste for your teenager.

White, black, pink, green, the colors are not lacking, as are the novelties within the Miska Paris collection.

However, it will probably have to be changed next year, as it will be outdated. If you are looking for a model for children that lasts longer, opt for a timeless swimsuit: solid color (black, dark blue, pastel red), no patterns or possibly stripes, fluorescent colors prohibited. 

But the most important is may your daughter like the swimsuit . In this sense, if it is a teenager, she will especially seek a model that highlights her and that enters the codes of the moment. If your daughter is younger, you will be able to impose your choice more easily.

In any case, the market consists of a very wide variety of prints, colors and styles so that your daughter can find the one she likes.

The material and quality of the girl's swimsuit

The choice of a girl's swimsuit must also be based on quality. As such, be sure to choose a child's swimsuit designed in a resistant material to prevent it from tearing. The material must also be sufficiently elastic so that the jersey follows the silhouette. 

The quality of the swimsuit also depends on its ability UV resistant so that it does not lose its colors under the effect of the sun. Likewise, it is important to choose a model that dries quickly.

Note that Miska Paris is committed to offering a collection of quality and very resistant girl's swimsuits, designed in a material eco-friendly .

The price is logically a good argument to measure the quality, but it should not be relied on alone. Remember to look at the country in which the swimsuit was designed, as well as the material and its different technical characteristics. 


The mistake when choosing a girl's swimsuit is not paying enough attention to the comfort it provides. Indeed, although it is a simple luxury girl swimsuit , comfort should not be eclipsed among the selection criteria.

This comfort depends on the material in which the jersey is designed, and in particular its elasticity and the softness of the fabric . Also take into account the morphology and size of your daughter in order to choose a suitable swimsuit.

For the top, there are models equipped with adjustable straps which ensure optimal comfort for your daughter. 

The best way to ensure that the swimsuit is suitable for your daughter is that she can try it on or at least try on a model of the same brand and the same size. Your child will be able to give his feelings and make a few movements to find out if the jersey does not cause any discomfort.

Choose according to activity

Between the beach and the swimming pool, we do not necessarily wear the same swimsuit. At the swimming pool we often opt for less relaxation, especially for hygiene measures. As such, If your daughter practices swimming in a club or with the school, we recommend that you choose a girl's one-piece swimsuit . It is also likely that this type of swimsuit is imposed by the teacher or the trainer. Ditto for the choice of color that we prefer rather sober.

On the other hand, for the beach, you can afford more fantasies and choose a two-piece girl's swimsuit.

Why buy a swimsuit online?

Buying online offers a greater choice of collections for all girls of all ages: 8 years old, 10 years old, 12 years old, 14 years old... The prices of girls' swimsuits are often more attractive on online stores . 

Once the order has been placed within the Miska Paris collection, delivery is generally made within a week, even if this delivery time varies depending on the store. At Miska Paris we guarantee very fast delivery.

Everything about girls' swimsuits

The choice of a girl's swimsuit is based on several elements by favoring a comfortable model adapted to your daughter's morphology and size . Then come the criteria related to the quality of the swimsuit, which must be sufficiently resistant to tears, but also to the sun's rays . 

Naturally, to choose a swimsuit you must also take into account your daughter's tastes . Children's swimsuits are no exception to the fashion phenomenon.

And if you prefer to choose a model that will last longer, the black swimsuit for girls remains a timeless classic. However, the brands compete in imagination to offer models with original prints. Not to mention the wide choice of shape: high waist panties, shorts, low waist panties, triangle bra, bandeau...

Finally, for the practice of swimming in a club or with the school, it is preferable to opt for a girl's one-piece swimsuit. For the beach, you may prefer a girl's bikini, but a one-piece model is also suitable.

January 25, 2023 — JANESSANDRE MELLAC