Do you need a new swimsuit? The bikini is generally the favorite model of teenage girls. More comfortable and offering a greater variety of choices, the bikini also allows for a more complete tan. Ideal for the beach as for the swimming pool, the bikini is timeless.

So that you can find the best swimsuit, here are the 5 criteria not to be missed when choosing a bikini for girls.

Be comfortable in your bikini girl

Listen to your tastes

Be careful not to buy a bikini only because it is fashionable or because it appeals to girlfriends. The swimsuit must above all please the person concerned. If we let ourselves be influenced, the risk is that the bikini does not really please us and that we are not really comfortable when we wear it. 

Therefore, if you have a rather discreet character, avoid the bikini that everyone will notice. If you hesitate, listen to your mom's advice, she knows you well and should be able to direct you to a bikini style that suits your profile.

No need to rush if you plan ahead. On the contrary, try to look at what is being done on the market and compare as many bikinis for girls as possible. You should necessarily find models that you like more than others.

Choose a comfortable bikini

To be comfortable in your bikini, you must also consider its comfort. First of all, the bikini must be the right size , the same as your underwear. Then, you must not feel any discomfort when you wear it (a badly placed label, a swimsuit that is too tight, etc.).

Opt for a girl's bikini designed in pleasant and elastic material . Note that at Miska Paris all girl swimwear are made of an ultra-stretch material.

The bikini must also be able to resist tearing . Likewise, an anti-UV material is recommended if you don't want to end up with a faded girl's bikini.

Our swimsuits benefit from UPF50 anti-UV protection. The color should also withstand repeated washing.

In order to enjoy optimal comfort, choose a bikini that dries quickly . Everyone has worn at least once a swimsuit that took too long to dry and the feeling is rather unpleasant.

A bikini adapted to your morphology

Know that a swimsuit is also chosen according to our morphology. Depending on your figure, some bikini models are more appropriate:

  • Those with wide hips (“A” silhouette): opt for high-waisted panties
  • Those that are filiform: a scarf bra and low-rise panties are the perfect combination
  • Those with a very marked waist: any model of bikini will do
  • Those who have curves that they want to hide: the tankini is an alternative to the girl's bikini
  • Those with broad shoulders: choose a triangle or wrap top, and cuffed panties
  • Those with rather large breasts: choose a top with good support
  • Those who have a small chest and want to give it more volume: the push-up bra or the bandeau work miracles

The tips we just listed are not absolute truths. The most important thing is that you can find the bikini in which you are comfortable in your body and in which you fully assume yourself. 

Girl's bikini: the choice of colors and patterns

Compared to a one-piece swimsuit, the bikini allows you to choose a mismatched bra and panties for those looking for an extra touch of originality. You can play with different colors between the top and the bottom, and even different patterns.

Regarding the choice of colors, you will have no difficulty in targeting the fashionable shades. All it takes is a quick search online or flipping through swimwear magazines and advertisements. However, a girl's bikini that is very trendy this season, can be out of fashion the following season. So be careful if you don't want to change your bikini too quickly.

Note that there are timeless colors like black, cobalt blue or cherry red to name a few. 

The observation is the same for patterns and prints. They even go out of fashion faster than colors, with the exception of certain timeless patterns such as stripes. A plain bikini is also a safe bet.

As for the previous part, the most important thing is to choose a style that you wear without difficulty , whether it is trendy or not. If you have a rather discreet character, too bright colors and excessive patterns are to be avoided. Conversely, if you have an explosive character, you can turn to a more showy bikini. 

Finding the right price/quality ratio

THE swimsuit for a 10 year old girl or one swimsuit for a 12 year old girl is a particular garment since it is worn only at certain times of the year, but sometimes for several days in a row. 

As such, spending a fortune on a bikini file is pointless, as chances are you'll still want to switch models next year. On the other hand, choosing an entry-level model is not a better solution, because you risk having unpleasant surprises.

The objective is to find the best value for money depending on your budget. For a bikini, the quality depends on several elements:

  • A swimsuit that won't tear at the slightest snag or after repeated washing
  • A bikini that won't fade under the effect of UV rays or repeated washing
  • A comfortable model that does not bother you or irritate you
  • Solid construction and stitching
  • A bikini that meets European standards

In addition to these criteria, others can also make a difference depending on how you consume. Consider looking country of origin where the girl's bikini was designed and who can give a clue about the working conditions to create the model in question.

Likewise, at Miska Paris, we have chosen a more eco-friendly material for all of our swimsuits.

To find the best price, buying online remains more effective than going to a specialty store. In addition to often offering more attractive prices, online stores generally have a larger selection of girls' bikinis.

Admittedly, you cannot try the models on site, but normally online stores all offer a return period.

Miska Paris lets you try on the bikini and flip it in a period of 14 days after receipt of your order. Just note that for basic hygiene measures, bikinis should be tried on over underwear and returned in the same condition as received, with the protective band and unwashed.

January 25, 2023 — JANESSANDRE MELLAC