Need a new swimsuit for the coming season? You already know that you want to buy a 2-piece teenage swimsuit, but you are still hesitating about the model in question? Do not panic, we have gathered our best advice to help you in your choice.

What are the main criteria to take into account when choosing a teenage girl's 2-piece swimsuit?

First, you need to consider your morphology and define which parts of your body you want to highlight, and conversely, which parts you want to "hide". Indeed, depending on your figure, some swimsuits are more appropriate. 

Then you will have to choose the color and patterns that adorn your jersey. Trendy colors vary with the seasons, but some are sure bets.

Regarding the patterns, there are those that only have an aesthetic effect, and those that will slim the body, or on the contrary, that will create a volume effect.

The choice of matter also matters, since it influences the quality and comfort of the teenage two-piece swimsuit, not to mention other aspects that may come into play, such as the desire to have a more eco-responsible swimsuit.

Thanks to these different criteria, you will be able to determine which type of 2-piece swimsuit suits you. However, these are not fixed criteria and the final choice is up to you. First choose a teen swimsuit girl 2 pieces that you like and in which you are comfortable .

How to choose a two-piece swimsuit for teenagers according to their morphology?

What is your silhouette ?

To choose a teenage girl's 2-piece swimsuit depending on your morphology, you must already define what your silhouette is:

  • “O” silhouette: those with curves
  • “A” silhouette: girls who have hips wider than their shoulders
  • “V” silhouette: shoulders wider than the hips
  • “H” silhouette: those with shoulders and hips of the same width, and a low waistline
  • “8” silhouette: girls who have hips and shoulders of the same width, and a marked waist

For the “O” silhouettes who want to hide their round belly, we recommend the 2-piece swimsuit whose top consists of a bralette tank top. Discover the Miska Paris Rashie zipped t-shirt that can be used outside and in the water. For the bottom, opt for high-waisted panties.

For those who have a A-line silhouette , a push-up top will give volume to your breasts, while high-waisted briefs will highlight your hips. The Miska Ninetys stockings are ideal. 

For girls who have athletic "V" silhouette opt for a triangle top and cuffed briefs. For example, you can choose our Mini triangle top completed by our Shorty bottom. 

For the "H" silhouettes , the halter top is perfectly suited. For the bottom, you have the choice between panties and shorty. The Miska Paris Brief is a very good choice for you.

Those who have a silhouette in "8" , no particular advice since all types of teenage swimsuits are suitable. It all depends on what you want to highlight.

The size of your breasts and buttocks

In addition to your figure, you must take into account the size of your chest and the size of your buttocks.

As a rule, girls with a small chest will opt for a push-up top or a bandeau to give volume.

Conversely, girls with bigger boobs can turn to a top that provides good support (tie around the neck, etc.) and more enveloping, such as a mini triangle or halter top.

Those who have small buttocks can opt for a more covering panty that will give volume. For girls who have voluminous hips and buttocks , turn to more low-cut and high-waisted panties. High-waisted panties also lengthen and refine the legs.

How to choose the color and patterns of your teenage two-piece swimsuit?

For the choice of color and patterns, 3 criteria are essential:

  • Your tastes: what is your favorite color?
  • THE colors and fashionable patterns this season
  • The parts of your body that you want to highlight, and conversely, those to which you want to give less importance

Your taste

This criterion is without a doubt the most important, since you have to like the 2-piece girl's swimsuit that you are going to choose.

If you choose the wrong color and/or pattern, you may not dare to wear a swimsuit when the time comes.

trendy colors

Do not focus too much on this criterion, remember that it is a swimsuit and not your future evening dress. Nevertheless, if you don't want to stand out too much and be stared at because of a swimsuit that is too original, opt for tones like black, blue, green, yellow, or red . These colors have the advantage of being timeless.

Do not hesitate to discover our collection of 2-piece swimsuits in bright, modern, elegant and aesthetic tones.

Similarly, a plain swimsuit is more "go anywhere" and timeless than a swimsuit with patterns that will no longer be relevant the following year. And we get tired of patterns more quickly. 

Play with colors

A trick is to encourage light colours for the areas you want to highlight, and the dark colors for places you want to make less visible. 

What about the mismatched teenage swimsuit then?

The mismatched swimsuit is quite possible. It has become more and more visible in recent years. 

A teenage mismatched 2-piece swimsuit breaks up the slightly too sober side of a solid color, without going overboard with originality. A simple and effective choice in short. Do not hesitate to test Mix&Match your swimwear which allows you to try on different combinations of teenage girl's 2-piece swimsuits. 

How to choose the material for your teenage two-piece swimsuit?

Perhaps the choice of material does not seem important to you? But be aware that it is not negligible, for several reasons.

First, the material directly impacts the quality bathing suit and resistance . You might as well choose a solid textile that does not tear at the slightest friction or snagging.

Likewise, there are fabrics UV resistant when others will quickly lose their shine under the effect of the sun's rays. Imagine, you buy a beautiful red bathing suit that takes on a pinkish tint after two days of use. Inevitably, you will be disappointed. 

The fabric should also be sufficiently elastic to fit your body well without creating pressure points. 

Finally, when you get out of the water, it's always nice to have a teenager's swimsuit that dries quickly . 

At Miska Paris we have chosen an anti-UV UPF50 material, ultra stretch, which dries quickly, but which is also eco-friendly . Our teenage swimsuits are designed in an Italian material that uses a polyamide fiber 100% natural based on organic castor oil . 

January 25, 2023 — JANESSANDRE MELLAC