Need a new swimsuit for future weekends or beach vacations? Choosing a swimsuit for a teenage girl is not always easy.

On the one hand, you don't want to have the same jersey as your friends, but at the same time, you don't want to stand out too much either with an overly original model. But the most important thing is to choose her teenage girl's swimsuit according to her figure.

Teenage swimsuit and morphology 


Also called a pyramid silhouette, it is characterized by relatively thin shoulders and wider hips . In other words, when you buy clothes, your pants size is usually larger than your tops.

If you have a small chest and want to show it off, opt for a push-up top. Otherwise, you can choose a crop top, bralette type. To highlight your hips, the high-waisted swim brief is perfect.

A teenage one-piece swimsuit is also a very good choice, like our Miska Basic swimsuit which also exists in Smoky Basic.

"H" silhouette

This type of morphology is recognized by shoulders as wide as the hips and an unmarked size . 

For girls who have this figure, it is recommended to turn to an adjustable top. Regarding the bottom, choose low-waisted panties.

The shorty is also a very interesting possibility and that we observe more and more on the beaches.

Otherwise, a one-piece racerback swimsuit with straps is also ideal for this type of figure. We recommend our Miska Basic model.

"Figure 8" silhouette

Sometimes called an “X” silhouette, it is defined by shoulders and hips of the same width , but a relatively small size . 

With this silhouette, almost all types of teenage girl swimsuits are suitable. Whether it's a one-piece swimsuit, a bikini or a bandeau bralette, the choice is yours. Conversely, if you have a large chest, there is no need to highlight it too much, a more enveloping top is more suitable.

For the bottom, you can easily afford a bikini that is not too high cut. The Miska Paris Bikini fits perfectly.

Without forgetting the teenage one-piece swimsuit which is also a possibility for your type of figure.

“O” silhouette

You are quite round with marked shapes, so no need to highlight them more. In this case, a smart choice is to opt for a girl swimsuit tankini type teen. This two-piece swimsuit consists of a bralette tank top. Ditto for the one-piece swimsuit.

However, do not hesitate to assume your forms. The curves are not something that must necessarily be concealed. The important thing is to be comfortable in your body.

Our teenage Scuba swimsuit is an ideal choice if you have an "O" shape. Otherwise, you can also opt for our Rashie t-shirt designed to be worn in and out of the water.

“V” silhouette

We speak of a “V” silhouette when the shoulders are wider than the hips . This silhouette is particularly characteristic of sportswomen. Here, the interest is above all to highlight your hips in order to "rebalance" your silhouette.

Opt for a triangle top or a wrap top while for the bottom the trick is to choose a model with cuffs to give more volume to your hips. On the other hand, avoid the one-piece swimsuit.

Our Miska Paris Sporty model is perfectly suited to this body type . 

In summary

  • Those with small breasts can turn to a bandeau bralette to add volume
  • For the large breasts , opt for a top that ties around the neck to ensure good support, such as the Halter top model
  • If you have a little curves in the belly, the one-piece swimsuit is your ally, without forgetting the swimsuits equipped with shaping bands at the waist
  • Those with large hips can opt for high-waisted bottoms.

Choose the right colors for your teen swimsuit

The rule is rather simple, to highlight a part of the body, it is necessary to privilege a light color and vice versa. 

Thanks to our Mix&Match page you can have fun finding the best combination by playing with colors. You can perfectly opt for a mismatched swimsuit for teenage girls.

We offer several choices of colors in bright and modern tones . They have the advantage of being relatively neutral, timeless and elegant.

Regarding the patterns, they are no longer very fashionable. Nevertheless, they can bring a touch of originality, provided they stay in rather classic and discreet patterns: thin stripes. For example, a bottom with vertical stripes elongates the legs, while horizontal stripes on the top and bottom of the jersey slim the waist.

Choose the right teen swimsuit size

On our site we offer several sizes ranging from 10 years to 18 years (M). The choice of the size of luxury swimsuit depends of course on your age, but also on your morphology and your size. So you can be 16 and turn to a teen girl swimsuit 14 years old if you are rather small and small (see our file on the 10 year old girl swimsuit And girl swimsuit 12 years ).

Choosing the size of a swimsuit is similar to that of your lingerie items. When you wear it, the jersey should be comfortable.

It must not be neither too tight nor too wide . As such, Miska swimsuits are ultra-stretch and thus benefit from a very good elasticity which allows them to adapt more easily and more comfortably to each morphology without having the feeling of being too tight, like a second skin.

The comfort of the swimsuit also depends on the material with which it is designed. The Miska Paris brand has chosen a more eco-responsible material .

It is partly made up of a 100% plant-based polyamide fiber derived from “bio-based” castor oil. All Miska swimsuits are made from material from Italy. Not only is this material more respectful of the environment, but it is also very comfortable.

The eco-responsibility of Miska girls' swimsuits is also based on the production process, which aims to optimize the energy and water consumption it needs.

This material also offers a fast drying to limit the unpleasant feeling of humidity when you get out of the bath.

A quality swimsuit to last all season

Even if it means buying a new teenage swimsuit, you might as well buy a model that lasts the whole season, or even that you can reuse next year. 

In this sense, the range of Miska Paris swimwear uses a material anti-UV UPF50 to prevent the fabric from fading under the effect of the sun.

The fabric is also very strong and it is designed not to tear.

Choose a swimsuit you like!

The most important thing is to choose a girl's swimsuit that you like and in which you are comfortable. If you are more discreet, opt for a solid color. Conversely, if you like being noticed, you can turn to a more original model with patterns.

January 25, 2023 — JANESSANDRE MELLAC